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The Town of Kelvington offers residents the opportunity to receive municipal notices as attachments in an e-mail rather than by regular mail.

Transmitting information by e-mail has a number of risks that residents should be aware of.  These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • E-mail can be circulated, forwarded, and stored in numerous paper and electronic files.
  • E-mail can be immediately broadcast worldwide and be received by many intended and unintended recipients.
  • E-mail senders can easily misaddress an email.
  • E-mail is easier to falsify than handwritten or signed documents.
  • Backup copies of e-mail may exist even after the sender or the recipient has deleted their copy.
  • E-mail can be intercepted, altered, forwarded, or used without authorization or detection.
  • E-mail can be used to introduce viruses into computer systems.
  • E-mail can be used as evidence in court.


The Town of Kelvington will use reasonable means to protect the security and confidentiality of e-mail information sent and received. However, because of the risks outlined above, the municipality cannot guarantee the security and confidentiality of           e-mail communication, and will not be liable for improper disclosure of confidential information.  For this reason, the customer must consent to the use of e-mail for delivery of municipal notice.

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