Kelvington Golf Course


Situated on an elevated rise overlooking the surrounding farm land is a panoramic view. Kelvington is a family oriented golf club that promotes the sport for all ages and level of play.

Play on the course varies from wide open spaces to narrow confined fairways surrounded by natural trees.

The golfer is eased into the course by a downhill par 5, followed by a short par 4 on the 2. However the game will require accuracy as you play 3 to 5 as the distances increase and fairways narrow. The back to back par 3s on 6 and 7 can change your scores quickly. The 8th hole is the most difficult and will even challenge the long ball hitters.

The ninth hole is a risk/reward, finishing hole. Long ball hitters may find the green or the bush. Short iron players can be rewarded with accurate shots and good course management.

You will find the course has luscious fairways and large grass greens surrounded by 16 sand traps and many quaking aspens. A visit to our beautiful golf course will reveal a well kept secret.

A motel, campground and swimming pool are all within short walking distance.

For more information contact the Kelvington Golf Course Clubhouse 306-327-4213