Kelvington Legion Branch 19 Veteran’s Banner Project 2020

Kelvington Legion Branch 19 is proud to present what is hoped will be a lasting legacy of appreciation and a tribute to remember our area veterans.  This project is a mere look, a snapshot if you will, of some of the veterans from this area.  These banners represent a view from a community that had their loved ones go off to war and in doing so their efforts helped change the world.  Every single veteran from Kelvington is not up on these banners however in the spirit of this project every veteran is honored and appreciated for their dedication, sacrifice and perseverance.

These veterans banners represent: sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, neighbors, family and friends and all are to be thanked, commended and admired for all they did. Every veteran held an important and vital part in making the world and our country free today.  Let us never forget them and what they fought for. 

Kelvington Legion Branch 19


Thank You to the following and anyone else who contributed and may have been missed from this list:

-to the veterans on the banners-7 from WWI, 53 from WWII (4 of which were killed in action) and their families for providing the         information, photo and sponsorship.

-Watson Legion (Dick Schwartz, Randy Kwasnicia), Yorkton Legion (Tamara Hall) for the inspiration, guidance and encouragement.

-Town Of Kelvington and Town Crew for the logo and coming on board so heartily and assisting with banner placement.

– Mark Fletcher- hauling steel and picking up brackets.

– George LaRose-construction and welding of the  brackets and framework.

-Lawrence Fletcher-cutting steel and painting.

-Kris Guilbault-donation of conduit.

-Caity O’Neil-Humboldt pickups, Elsa-Graphic Ad

-Kelvindell Lodge Staff for helping with the close up banner preview for the residents.

– Prairie North Coop-donation of primer and paint

– Larry Ewen who organized crew (Bobby Taylor, James Perron, Garth Finch, Garth Elliott) for painting framework.

-Kelvington Central Equipment-donation of bracket bolts.

-David Gwilliam-providing bucket trucks and operators for bracket installation and initial banner raising.

-Kelvington Legion Members for seeing this project through.

All those who helped raise the Legion Veterans Banners.


                              Lyall Elliott, Maxine and Dale Mennie