Norman, Muriel & Grant Geck

We are honored to celebrate the lives of Norman, Muriel and Grant Geck with the first edition of the TOWN OF KELVINGTON’S HOMETOWN PRIDE honorees.

The Town of Kelvington was truly humbled to announce the receipt of a generous bequeath from this family that supported and gave so much to this community in their living years.
We were recently notified that the majority of the estate of Norman, Muriel and Grant Geck was left to the Town of Kelvington.

Even in their passing these remarkable people continue to show their unwavering endorsement and love of this community. Monetary Donations have also been bequeathed
to the Kelvington Agriculture Society, Kelvington United Church, Kelvindell Lodge and the Kelvington Hospital.

Once the legal necessities have been completed in the next year, we will be issuing a formal detailed announcement.

Rest in peace Norman, Muriel and Grant-your legacy will live on in giving nature as it did throughout your lifetimes. The community’s gratitude will honour your memory.